I understand the feeling.

I am stuck in a soul-sucking job and I don’t have a choice to quit.

Nor do I have a choice to avoid trading.

I am not happy with the peanut salaries laughable hike with no promotions.

Job security is as real as a honest politician.

It’s time to take matters in my own hands and do something about it.

Your reporting manager your CEO won’t.

Hell even if there is a record revenue year you won’t see a paisa of it

but you will see a lot of presentations on how to give your 100% for

career development blah blah.

At work the corporate screws you and in life the govt screws with taxes.

We have become an unfortunate bunch with no where to go.

This is why I decided to try my hand at trading and I am having fun.

I am not going to lie it can be scary, the losses can be gut wrenching.

But when I look at my outlook calendar I’d rather eat the losses in the hopes

of getting financial freedom and a permanent escape from meetings and bullshit

yearly performance reviews.

I understand it can be hard to look at the charts through out the day when you got

deliverables to work on, deadlines to meet and of course pointless meetings to attend.

And this is why I have written a neat little blueprint for tehcies like you starting off in trading.

Check out you will find it helpful unlike some nonsense API documentation written by an interlock team

See you on the other side!