The Best Trading Strategy For Busy Techies

I was frustrated.

I couldn’t balance the trading hours and office work ours.

You see as soon as the market opens I have a tech sync call.

And before I know it my team pings, calls me asking for help.

It became hard to manage trades while in meetings, answering questions and what not.

I knew this was a recipe for disaster I didn’t want to lose lakhs because I was distracted in a call or had to close my trading window because I was sharing my screen.

It was getting hard to keep track of my positions!

And I couldn’t quit trading!

My salary barely keeping up with inflation.

Ever increasing rents (I live Bangalore).

Peanuts for hike.

No promotion.

No growth.

I was getting desperate to find a way to do both.

Trade & Code.

I didn’t have a choice I’d to do both.

Job security is an illusion, monthly bills piling up, financial security under risk.

And that’s when it hit me.

I didn’t have to trade all day, stare at the screen like an addict, ignoring office calls, sprint work…

That’s when I decided to pick 1 session of the market hours to trade with dedication and no work distraction.

I already had the perfect the trading strategy for this particular session I chose.

It was a strategy I was enjoying and believed in.

The best part was it didn’t last more than 15 minutes typically.

Now before I tell you about this exciting strategy let me know walk you through the market sessions during the trading day.

Market sessions

The first 15 mins after market open is pretty volatile and dangerous.

There a lot of orders being executed. Buy and selling.

After that there is usually momentum in the market until 10:30 and it usually cools down unless

it’s a trending day.

The other session which is usually active is between 1:30 and 3:00.

I recommend you pick one of these sessions and trade. Instead of looking for opportunities all day.

And now for the strategy I’d in mind.

It’s called Stoploss hunting strategy.

I am usually done within 15 mins of market open tops!

I know it’s unbelievable but it’s true.

It’s a tricky strategy but it’s slowly getting popular in the trading circles.

You can learn more about stop loss hunting over here.

As simple as it sounds it’s hard to implement it and manage emotions so I have written a little report to help you get started.